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Born in Luxembourg(LU) living in Rotterdam(NL). 

making site specific sound installations and kinetic sculptures. dealing with feedback loops and self-destructive systems.


Master of Music, ArtScience Interfaculty, The Hague,NL
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts and Design Maastricht, NL (BFA)



sounds of bethany, ton ton, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Group exhibition, Berlin (DE)

Nebenbeben, sweet zenith, Wrg Sensor, solo exhibition, Braunschweig (DE)

modified, existing, new, balls to the wall, L/nk, group exhibition, Zwolle (NL)

Umarell Ultras, more power!, Slash Gallery, group exhibition, Rotterdam (NL)
Mit Klang, harm, Frappant Galerie, group exhibition, Hamburg (DE)


égo/égal, selection of works, field projects, solo exhibition,  New York (US)

Fall Open Studios 2023, The International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP), group exhibition, New York (US)

Thirties, harm, Kunsthalle Trier, group exhibition, Trier (DE)

The International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP), participant of residency program, New York (US)

Mit Klang, coin-cidence, Strobreden, group exhibition, Hamburg (DE)

Umwandler (Teil 2), großer Wasserspeicher, site-specific solo exhibition, Berlin (DE)

Umwandler (Teil 1), Meinblau, solo exhibition, Berlin (DE)

sonic narratives, coin-cidence, Simultan, group exhibition, Timișoara (ROU)

Self/harmonium, harm, in Transit, L/NK, solo exhibition, Zwolle (NL)

Silent Serenade, coin-cidence,Willem Twee muziek en beeldende kunst, s-Hertogenbosch (NL)

The New Current 2023, sweet zenith, Brutus, Rotterdam (NL)


Experimance, balls to the wall, Garelly Haus, group exhibition/sound festival, Saarbrücken (DE)
Wasteland, future on the rocks, grey space in the middle, group exhibition/ collaboration with Flora van Dullemen, den Haag (NL)
Meakusma, sweet zenith, IKOB and Rotondes/CUBE, single exhibit, Eupen (BE) and Luxembourg (LU)
Territorio Especifico (part 2), molenfeuer, expeditions in specific territory, sound residency program, Rostock (DE) and at liebig 12, Berlin (DE)
Radio Paleis, spaghetti stool, het Gemaal op Zuid, performance/kinetic sculpture during radio show, Rotterdam (NL)
Raar sound Series, coin-cidence, Een Kunstcentrum Charlois, performance/kinetic sculpture, Rotterdam (NL)


Territorio Especifico (part 1), Ghoete Institut, residency project, Montevideo (UY)

Graduation Show 2021, ‘ LOOP’ Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten( kabk), Artscience interfaculty, group exhibition, the Hague(NL)
Actie, grey space in the middle, group exhibition/preview show, the Hague(NL) -sonic explorers (part2), Künstlerforum, Sonotopia, Beethoven Stiftung, resi- dency project and group exhibition, Bonn(DE)

Klankenbos spring edition 2021, Klankenbos, ‘Flux’’, group exhibition, Pelt(BE)
Antropical2021, residency project, Online


Radau Radar, Annexe22, Esch22, solo exhibition, Esch-sûr-Alzette(LU)
Batîment 5, ‘balls to the wall’, Cueva, group exhibition, Esch(LU)

Eng Aaner Siicht op d’Natur (another view on nature), Mirador Stengefort, ’Flux’, public space group exhibition, permanent work, Steinfort(LU)
sonic explorers (part1), Kër Thiossane, Beethoven Stiftung, residency project, Dakar(SE)


rainy days 2019, ‘Echotrope’, Philharmonie de Luxembourg, curated by Lydia Rilling, single work presentation, Luxembourg (LU)
Klangmoor Schopfe, ‘Dadder’, curated by Patrick Kessler, group exhibition (sound), Gais (CH)


locus motus, Fabrik45, Sonotopia 2018, bonn/hoeren and Beethoven Stiftung Bonn, curated by Carsten Seiffarth, solo exhibition, Bonn (DE)
salon, ‘half full/half empty’, De Domijnen, curated by Joep Vossebeld, collabo- rative project with Otomax(band)- Sittard (NL)

électromagnétique mobile, Off-program Dak’art: african contemporary art biennale, collaborative project, Senegal (AF)
Lankelz, (CUEVA), group exhibition, Esch (LU)
Bonn/hoeren, Sonotopia 2018, Residence, Bonn (DE)


Fresh Cacao en Carat Lucas Gassel Prijs, Cacaofabriek, group exhibition, Hel- mond (NL)
Artspotting, Nederlandse Bank (DNB) with Martin Van Vreden, group exhibition, Amsterdam(NL)

Back to Maybe, ‘Rise/Set’, ‘Between Me’, ‘Re-wind’ and ‘Vitamine D’, MAFaD, graduation show, Maastricht(NL)

Echoes, Parallel/Kunsttour, collective sound performance, B32 contemporary art space representing at the Gashouder, Maastricht (NL)

Transplant, Kunstpodium T, group exhibition led by Annegret Kellner, Tilburg(NL)

Artistic research trip led by Mique Eggermont, Dakar(Senegal)

Antropical, Art Residency led by Aurélie d’Incau, Steinfort(LU)


- Edward Steichen Award Luxembourg 2022

- Artscience Master prize, Artscience interfaculty, The Hague (NL)

- Sonotopia 2018, student competition for sound installation (DE)

- Gilbert de Bontridder prijs, Maastricht(NL)
-nominated for Carat Lucas Gassel Prijs 2017, Helmond(NL)

-nominated for Henriette Hustinx prijs, Maastricht(NL)


-Otomax, music EP: ‘ways to prepare pets for war’, release 2020, published by Otomax
-publication: ‘Les sonic explorers à Dakar’, 2020, articles and drawings by Ismaël Adramé Coly, Martin Tornow, Anna Karima Wane and Nika Schmitt

-bonn hoeren, catalogue/book: ‘sonotopia wettbewerb/competition 2015-2019 eu- ropean student competition for sound installation art’,by Carsten Seiffarth

-Philharmonie Luxembourg, catalogue: ‘rainy days: less is more’ 2019, by Stefan Gehmacher, article: ‘Kleine Ursachen, große Wirkung’ by Tatjana Mehner,

-L.Land, article: ‘Locus Motus (et bouche cousue)’
-100,7, radio show: ‘Tëschent Installatioun a Klangkonscht’ (between installation and sound art), by Christian Mosar
-Bonner General Anzeiger, article: ‘Schaben, Reiben, Fräsen. Klangkunst bei Bonn hoeren’, by Chr. zu Mecklenburg

-De Cacao Fabriek, Catalogue: ‘Fresh Cacao Edition 2017’, by Manus Groenen -Metropolis M, Eindexamens 2017, article: ‘Nika Schmitt, sensory experiences’, by Guus van Engelshoven
-Vice Creators, online article: ‘We vroegen afstudeerders van ABKM wie de grootste pechvogel is’ by Gerda van de Glind, website/publication launch of graduates 2017 of MAFaD, Maastricht(NL)
-Zuiderlucht,’Body Object Autonomy & Space’, newspaper article - artist profile, by Emile Hollman

-Lost Painters, ‘Eindexamen Expositie; MAFaD Maastricht 2017’, Webmagazine, posted by Niek Hendrix
-de Fusie, online article: ‘Eden tot Eindhoven’ - over #4 Transplant by Ylja Band


-Dominik, clothing line-collective, Mike Moonen and Don Possen -Otomax (band), experimental music- vocalist

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