• Nika Schmitt

"Back To Maybe" Graduation Show 2017 -MAFaD

At the graduation show 2017

I graduated with four works:

'Re-wind' (inflatable room)

'Rise/Set' (moving blinds)

'Vitamine D' (light-sensors)

'between me' (Wall)

All four works developed from a research revolving around the effects of transforming, changing and recombining the found stimuli in interior spaces. The repetitive nature found in all four works underlines a more specific research that I am following: How does rhythm, in terms of sound or other patterns such as light, material or even smell affect the human sensory capacity to comprehend the current progression of time inside.

see/read more here:

'Re-wind' 2017-/mixed media installation- in-and deflating customized fabric bags

(foto credits: Romy Finke)

'Rise/Set' 2016- /mixed media installation- moving blinds

'Vitamine D' 2017- /multi media performative installation

-light sensors transforming light into sound.

'Between me' 2017

- multi media installation

-talking wall