• Nika Schmitt

"fresh cacao"- cacao fabriek

On 8 October, at 15.00 hours, director Jochem Otten will open the exhibition Fresh Cacao, the exhibition of work by young artists who graduated last summer. The Cocoa factory considers it important to offer young artists the opportunity to present themselves and to develop further.

This fourth edition is special: one of the exhibiting artists will receive the Carat Lucas Gassel Prize. A new Helmond art prize, which was created by the Carat foundation with the aim of giving a starting momentum to one of the starting artists. Carat and the Cocoa factory have set themselves the goal of supporting their collaboration with talented artists in the artistic field and in the area of ​​finance and entrepreneurship.

From 8 October there will be work by Nika Schmitt and Flo van der Waa (Maastricht), Christa in Dorsthorst and Nina Maertens (Breda) and Renée van Oploo, Vince Donders, Laiyan Cheng and Jeanine Vloemans (Den Bosch). A publication with texts by art historian Manus Groenen will be published at the exhibition.

Award ceremony

On 22 October it will be announced which of the 8 artists will receive the Carat Lucas Gassel prize. The jury consists of Frank Hoenjet (curator of Museum Helmond), Jos Wilbrink (former director BKKC) and Fabienne Swinkels (foundation Carat).

Opening 8 October at 3 pm by Jochem Otten

Award ceremony Carat Lucas Gassel Price 22 October 15.00