• Nika Schmitt

"LOCUS MOTUS"- opening: Friday 21st September


b o n n h o r e s - s o n o t o p i a 2018

Prizewinner exhibition

"Locus motus" - sound installation


Nika Schmitt (LU)

first winner of the sonotopia 2018 competition

Factory 45,

Hochstadenring 45,

53119 Bonn

Opening: Friday, 21st September 2018, 6pm

Exhibition duration: Sat 22.9. - Wed 3.10.2018,

daily 12-18 clock

Nika Schmitt, the first winner of the student competition for installative sound art b o n h o e r e s o n o t o p i a 2018, uses the prize money of the competition to realize the new sound installation »locus motus« at Fabrik 45, an alternative exhibition venue in the August Macke quarter in the north of Bonn. »Recurring changes, juxtaposed with one-off events or unforeseeable events ... Nika Schmitt explores the exciting boundaries of the interior in her sound installation» locus motus «- in the physical sense, this term describes a change of location through movement. The space is subdivided into kinesthetic, acoustic and visual experiences and allows the visitor to participate in a continuous process of change in his surroundings. « Nika Schmitt received a Bachelor of Arts in 2017 at the Maastricht Academy for Fine Arts and Design. Through her sensitivity for spaces and situations, the artist creates with unspectacular gestures a finely nuanced attention to the world to be sensually explored.

Information about sonotopia 2018 and the award winner can be found here Press pictures for download can be found here Press contact: Vera Firmbach, T. 0049-179-2400866 / bonn hoeren - sonotopia 2018 is a project of the Beethoven Foundation for Art and Culture of the Federal City of Bonn. With the kind support of Fabrik 45 and the Beethovenfest Bonn. Cultural partner: WDR3 Kulturradio. "

(original text by bonn/hoeren- Vera Firmbach)

(foto:Nika Schmitt)