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Graduation show 2021, koninklijke academie van beeldende kunsten (NL)

8 juli - 11 juli 2021

Loop is a kinetic installation that consists of three main interconnected "models" and an external unit (factor) "rando" which is found at the window. Every unit represents a type of repetitive movement in time and influences the process of the other units either through light or vibration. The installation engages in an endless loop and contineously mechanically programs its own repetitions. "Rando", external factor consists of a sun panel outside that directly powers a small dc motor connected to unit 2 (dancing spaghettis). Whenever there is sun there is movement. The movement which is expressed in rhythmic tappings on the surface of the table determines the speed and type of movement of unit 1. Unit 1 then manages mechanically the power switch of the two motors found in unit 3. The two motors of unit 3 interact mechanically through created motion dynamics between the two. The fluctuations are made visible through light bulbs installed at unit 2. The light bulbs then again feed four dc motors through solar panels. Four individual spaghettis are dancing and tapping on the table of Unit 2 and thereby again accelerate the movement of the Unit 1 in charge of the power supply of Unit 2. The loop closes here. This work is an ode to time itself. The installation is a research on cyclic and repetitive phenomena in relation to time perception.

Unit 1, Unit 2 and Unit 3

Baby is a small model representing a feedback loop in itself. Baby is powered by sun light and is limiting its power supply by blocking the income source of sunlight through a rotating filter.


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