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Cueva, Batîment 5, Esch-Sûr-Alzette(LU)


The work is part of a series based on time perception studies involving the effects of perceived motion, stimuli repetition and physical and emotional tension.

A red neoprene fabric is stretched across the room building a second ceiling.

Metal bearing balls are spread on top of the sheet and are casting small shadow dots which are perceivable from underneath the cloth. The top of the cover, however, stays invisible. A linear actuator placed in the middle of the room is moving a magnet repeatedly up and down. As the magnet reaches the top it attracts a metal pendulum from the other side of the neoprene sheet. As it moves down the fabric starts to shape a funnel so that the other metal balls which are loosely spread across the fabric start to roll towards the middle. As the tension grows the abrupt release of the fabric catapults the gathered balls towards the ceiling producing a “BANG”, amplified through piezos attached to the ceiling. The procedure repeats itself.

The repetitive movement of the actuator stays the same, however the moment of the release of the fabric and the sound of the “bang” changes depending on how many balls managed to roll to the middle. The conditions are changing. The goal was to create a linear event that had a changing outcome governed by “chance”. Comparable to rolling the dices , the balls found each time a different location on the fabric which ultimately influenced the following sequence and its tension buildup.

Experimance (DE) 2022


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