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Klang Moor Schopfe, Gais (CH)


mixed media/kinetics, 400cm x 300cm x300cm

‘Dadder’ (also dather: totter or tremble) is a self-composing sound installation that displays four steel plates that are pulled up by magnets and dropped again when the tension between both exceeds the gravitational force of the magnets. The plates resonate until silent again.To be precise, four motors move magnets up and down by winding on and off cords at different speeds. When a magnet attractsto a plate it shortly after is pulled up again. The time where the magnet and the plate disconnect varies according to the precise location and surface found on the plate when dropped. The speed of the motors slowly changes over time. The wear off of the steel plate’s surfaces causes the magnet’s detachment phase to shorten and the resonating sounds to soften. Herewith every sequence and combination of sounds becomes unique even though one would assume it to be a repetitive pattern in time.

A literal and metaphorical tension between ground and ceiling is created where the ground is repeatedly ‘pulled’ towards the ceiling. The sudden release of the vertical tension is transformed into sound and air waves that are pushed toward the surrounding walls. A dialogue is given that reformulates the forces of the interior again and again.

“Dadder” was exhibited at ‘Lankelz’ in Esch-sûr-Alzette (LU) by Cueva, curated by Théid Johanson. The site specific installation reflected the space’s shapes and round off corners through the movement and shadows of the vibrating plates.


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