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mixed media, 300cm, 400cm, 600cm

‘moving panels’ is a mixed media installation showing a motor on a wheeled platform. A tube is holding strings which run over hooks on the walls to then end attached to differently shaped white styrofoam panels. The rotation of the motor is winding on and off the threads whereby the individual panels slide up and down the wall. The direction of the rotation depends on the position of the panels in the room. The lengths of every cycle is depending on the conditions around the central engine. The wheeled platform is also changing its position and thereby shifts the location of the motor.

The other styrofoam elements spread around the room contain hidden light sensor transforming the light from their individual position into constantly changing sound frequencies. The sliding styrofoam on the walls and the speakers of the sensors are providing an audio experience composed by numerous sound sources spread around the room. The movement and sound of the panels are indicating the physical boundaries of the interior space but at the same time extend the purely visual perception to an audio-interpretation of the encountered four walls. An ever-changing soundscape develops through the varying conditions found in that specific interior space. This work is on one hand distorting and changing the perception of the interior space and on the other is showing a principle of causality resulting in a visual and sound spectacle by integrating the whole room.


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