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video and photo installation, 28cm x 30cm (each photograph)

The video projection is the first part of the project “On Rhythm”. The video shown through the projection has been filmed at the exact same wall as projected. The constantly changing intensities of sunlight, shown in the footage, is synchronized with the volume of
a beat played from a metronome echoing through the room. The sound impulses and the light variations were both found as part of the existing circumstances of the building. A documentation of a daily time development is displayed through the behavior of sunlight and sound within space.
The second part “On Rhythm” is a photo series which documents the decomposed perspective through/of two window frames (the same ones which are visible in the light projection in “On Rhythm”-part 1 and are part of the actual room). Each frame comprises 32 single window sections. Every window is photographed at different times throughout the day and each picture is captured from a 90 degree angle at the exact height of each individual section of the frame. The series contains 64 photographs printed in the original size of the window sections.


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