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mixed media, 500cm x 400cm x 250cm

The work “Re-wind” features an inflatable room that is made-to-measure for its interior of display. All given architectural structures of the space are embodied by interconnected fabric segments. The inflation of all segments is timed to equal intervals of eight minutes (8 minutes on/off). The fluorescent light tubes of the ceiling are connected to the activity of the blower. The visitor is free to explore the space and thereby inevitably takes part of the installation.
‘Re-wind’ took shape along with a research on ocean tides as an analogy for time experience and the idea of space. Returning ocean tides gradually change the shape of shores over time and at the same time the shore changes the condition for the reenter- ing water. Two entities that can be seen as spaces engage and influence how one or the other is shaped. Hereby shore and tide coordinate the other’s expansion repeatedly.In light of the installation, the air present in the interior space is reshaped and pushed into the same segments. The visitors however influence which part of the room is filled with air by interfering with the air flow of certain areas. The air inside cannot fully expand into every part of the inflatable room and thereby becomes part of the rest of the space again. A play between ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’ space takes place that is dependent on the visitor’s interactivity with the installation.Another aspect of this work is the experience of time felt within the space. The speed of movement, the light and the sound are shaping two contrasting situations wherein the same time is sensed differently.


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