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kinetic/sound installation, 300cm x 300cm x250cm

Three blinds are continuously pulled down by cords which are connected to a central mechanical system installed in the middle of the exhibition space. When reached the bottom of the window frames the blinds slip up again and the procedure repeats shortly after.A repetitive rhythmic composition of analogue sounds is displayed around the room.With the movement of the blinds the light source within the room constantly changes from one side to the other. The light intensity in the room however, almost stays the same. It is never completely dark and never completely bright. Since the corner of the space, which holds two walls perpendicularly points towards the North, the sun moves from the right side of the room towards the left. Thereby the central light source shifts during a day from one side to the other. The systematic duodecimal time measurement that is common to all societies is hereby questioned. Even though, the circumstances of the interior space are changing, such as lights and noises, the very experience of time passing by is reduced through the returning circular movement displayed by the machinery.


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