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kinetic installation, in transit, Zwolle (NL)

'Self/Harmonium' aka 'Harm' is a self-destructive kinetic sound installation composed by four electromechanical saws which are slowly cutting off their own power supplies. Inspired by the saying "cutting off the branch you are sitting on" the self-built mechanical system is hanging by its own 'thread'. By touching the copper wire the individual saws are enabling the electric flow to their own system and at the same time are progressively grinding off their source of energy. The continuous movement and noises of the working saws is creating a composition around the clock (24h- until the end of the show). 'Harm' was exhibited during 'L/NK''s first show in the art space 'in transit' (31/04/23-16/05/23) in Zwolle (NL) and is the first model in a series of self-destructive systems created in 2023.

Video: MANTA Media, Davids Danoss


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