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4# Transplant

Apprentice/Master project:

#4 Kunstpodium T, Tilburg February 03 – 19 /2017 - Annegret Kellner - Stan D’Haene Emile Hermans Nika Schmitt,Don Possen Nuni Weisz

DUET (13:00-17:00)

collaborative work

A common fascination for the dynamics of sunlight within an interior space has lead to a collaborative work between Nika Schmitt (1992) and Don Possen (1990).

Nika’s research embodies how the involvement of sound and altered visual manifestations could change the perception of space where Don’s work focusses upon manipulative powers of technology, meeting the human factor.

In their shared project, the spatial qualities of the room at Kunstpodium T is questioned by attaching light sensors to the walls, consequently tracking the migration of direct sunlight. The output of these sensors cause a slow, live and constantly changing sound composition which allows a different experience of the space.


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