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sound sculpture/performance, 350cm x 250cm x 400 cm

‘Vitamine D’ is a performative audio work that features twelve light sensors that measure the light intensity from out their position and immediately recite the information in form of a ticking-sound through attached speakers. The speed of the beat is varying ac- cording to the surrounding light intensity.
Each visitor that enters the room carries one sensor while exploring the interior’s light. The complexity of the rhythmic composition of numerous ticking-noises builds upon the number of participants.
Through the work ‘Vitamine D’ an empirical study took place on how the human sense of sight manipulates the ‘audioception’ and perception of space. Since the human sight is not capable to differentiate between the wide range of different light shades the sensors are used as a tool to express a wider scheme of intensities through sound. An extended experience of light and shadows is provided that exceeds the visual understanding of space and is amplified and backed up through the auditory sense. ‘Vitamine D’ found it’s first form through a collaborative work with Don Possen (NL) in February 2017 for Kunstpodium T’s exhibition (Tilburg (NL)) #4Transplant.
Hereby the sensors were attached along one of the walls of an interior space. As observed, the sunbeams entered the room during a specific time frame of three hours per day and would travel along the wall until exiting again.
For the graduation show 2017 ‚Back To Maybe‘ , an extended form of Vitamine D was accessible online. In this form of the work the presence of the actual light is completely extracted from the experience. What is left is an audio representation of an idea of light.


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